You bring a smile to my face!

Beautiful daughter of mine, I have so much I want to tell you.  First, you are growing and becoming quite the young lady.  I look at you now and I see a young little girl who is care free, loving, passionate, energetic, fun, funny, and you really brighten my days.  I am so blessed to call you my daughter.  I love praying for you and with you every day.  I know God has some very big things in your future and I am excited to be your biggest cheer leader.  

You have such a sweet spirit about you that is contagious and fun.  Your smile is big and full of life as well as your big beautiful eyes.  God sure created you with a one of a kind beauty! 

I know this year is going to go so quickly but I will savor it up as best as I can.  Right now you go to schools in the afternoons which means your mama gets to love on you all morning!  :)  You love to come with me to the YMCA and you are a helpful sister.  

The chores you are in charge of right now is getting Kiah out of her kennel, feeding her, cleaning your room, and playroom.  You also do a good job of clearing and cleaning the dining room table.  I love how helpful you have become and I pray you will do all your tasks with a joyful heart and good attitude.  

I just really hope one day you read this and you remember I love you today, I love you tomorrow, I will always love you no matter what!  xoxoxoxo