30 Days of Thanksgiving! Days 1-7

I have been doing 30 Days of Thanksgiving this month with Facebook Status's but I was using my personal account rather then my blog so here is the first seven days, 

Day 1, I am so thankful for Jesus!!! I love being 

his princess! :).

Day 2,  I am thankful for a husband who knows 

how to fix anything and do any thing!

Day 3, I am thankful to have my dad. He is such 

a great dad...has always been a great life 


Day 4,  I'm thankful to be a mom. I sure was 

blessed with a great daughter n son!!! :).

Day 5,  I am thankful for the friends who lift me 

up and pray for me and encourage me!

Day 6,  I am thankful for my comfy pj's and 


Day 7,  I am thankful for pets... They love ya n 

cheer ya up! Kiah u are a great dog.

I am hoping that in the next couple days I can 

work with the kids on showing their thanks!  :) 

What are you doing?  What are you thankful for?