Aladdin Date with my Daughter

 I had fun taking my lil girl to my old high school and watching the play, Aladdin.  I just celebrated my 10 year high school reunion and after visiting the school last night I was amazed at how much changed!  EVERYTHING looked so different.  

It was a stroll back in time as I snuck off with my daughter down the hallway.  The hallway was very unrecognizable since everything has been changed.  It looks good so it is not sad or frustrating just had to tell my daughter this is new and this is new.  We could not travel all over the school since it was blocked off but it was kinda fun showing her the school that I attended even with all the new changes. 

I truly enjoyed the production that the high school was able to put on.  The new theater is beautiful and the students have talent even after the best drama teacher retired.  :)  

I was also very thankful my sister watched Tman for me.  :) I know she really wanted to go watch the show but she was super nice and watched Tman instead.  :) 

The picture on the right is what we did during intermission.  :) 

After the show was done we had to go get a picture with Aladdin and Jasmine.  :)  My lil princess really is starting to enjoy theater   :) As we were leaving she was reminding me about her performance last Christmas as an Angel and how she really wanted to do more plays.  :)