Artist at Heart- 20 Months old

20 MONTHS OLD!  So this little guy is so much fun!  I had his sister and him at the table coloring and I step away for a few minutes and came back to this.  Sense of humor... YES! We also have another nick-name for him, EGGO, because he loves Waffles!  :) 

Dear T-man,

You know what you want but communicating it is difficult.  You have learned some sign language which has helped.  You know, drink, more, all done, please, stinky, and we are working on more.  You love to get tickled and your laugh always puts a smile on my face.  Some days you have a hard time sharing truly are a mama's boy.  Every day is better with you in our family!  :) 

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo  LOVE MOM