Guest Post: Children’s Blog – Creativity unleashed to the fullest

Here is a guest post about starting a Children's Blog.  I think I would consider doing this for my kids when they are older and can write/type.  I know on Blogger you can keep your blog private and I would keep my kids private!  Safety is very important!  

"It is said that the brain of a child is like a sponge with the capacity to absorb anything you throw
at it. Indeed, children are curious and are open to learning at this stage in their life. It is up to
parents and other elders to utilize this opportunity and provide them with the best educational as
well as knowledge seeking avenues.

Since we are in the age of the internet and a rapidly evolving world of information technology
as well as dissemination, exposing your children to the world of blogging at a young age would
be just right. A children’s blog can help your children put down their
thoughts and views in a structure manner. They would get into the habit of updating it on a
regular basis and would thus be more consistent with what they feel and wish to express.

Since the usage of the computer is now something that is not only a necessity and cannot be
avoided, exposing your children to the world of blogging would be a logical and acceptable step
to them. They can in the midst of all their communication and entertainment activities spare time
for this activity as well.

This idea of a children’s blog is a good one also from the perspective of enabling children to
express themselves clearly and being creative with their written ability. They will be able to get
into the habit of developing written communication skills and we all know how important that is
in both professional and personal life.

As a start, you can ask them to maintain a private journal since they may not be very comfortable
with starting one when they are very young. This will at least get them into the habit. Once
they cross 13 they can get into blogging and over time they will thank you for the wonderful
experience you have provided them."