Have a new lease on life in your Golden Years

Have a new lease of life in your golden years

Whilst for some the prospect of giving up work in exchange for a life pottering around the garden
couldn’t come soon enough, for many the prospect of entering the later stage of life can be daunting
to say the least.

As we approach our golden years there are certain steps that we should take to help our retirement
run smoothly and be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

Protect your pension

With the intense instability of banks and financial markets in recent years, if you are approaching
retirement age it is a good idea to protect your pension fund from sudden market dips and falls.
Making the decision between moving your funds for your later years into ‘safer cash’, namely
through fixed rate investments, or gambling on a stock market recovery between now and the date
at which you retire, can be a difficult one to make.

While the decision on how to protect your pension is ultimately down to you and your partner,
talking to a financial adviser may prove to be fortuitous in helping you make this important decision.
These are professionals who have plenty of experience in the financial industry and are in the
perfect position to advise you on all the options available to you.

Think holistically

Of course, your pension and savings are not your only assets that you should be considering as
you reach retirement age. Your property should not be ignored as your house can help you free up
capital that you may require later on. Downsizing or moving into later living homes is therefore a
popular option.

Selling your home in exchange for a smaller house or even a retirement home can make sense both
financially and physically. You may not be thinking about requiring assistance now but as you get
older you may reach a point when you will need assisted living.

Many retirement homes such as McCarthy & Stone retirement properties are designed for
this purpose with nurses and cooks on hand to make your golden years as relaxed, happy and
straightforward as possible.

For family members and friends, choosing this option can have plenty of benefits. Not only will
they benefit from the peace of mind gained from knowing their elderly loved ones are being cared
for whilst enjoying their later years, but they’ll still be able to visit them as regularly as possible
– allowing older individuals to retain their independence without sacrificing their happiness or