Kids DIY Thanksgiving Placemats

I had both of my kids help make the place-mats for Thanksgiving.  There is some prep work that you should do first.  

First, find the fall colors you want to use and cut long stripes of paper.
Second, fold your paper in half (main color of place-mat) the long way
Thirdly, cut from the folded edge in leaving an inch 

After you have prepped the activity unfold the paper and show your children how to weave the paper stripes through the slits you cut.  My daughter did a great job of going over/under on each cut and my son just had fun creating his masterpiece his way.  That is the beauty of this activity, you can get make it as simple or as complex as you want.  :) 

We also glued the ends of the paper on the place-mat to help them stay put.  

I think we might do this for Christmas too!  :)