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Parking Pal Magnet Review and Giveaway

The Parking Pal is one of those items that I wish I would have made!  You know that kind of product that you see and you say, "Why didn't I think of that?"  

Thank-you, Busy Mom Boutique, for sending me the Parking Pal for review.  All opinions are 100% mine and I was not paid for this review.  

How many of you have more then one child and while you are getting one child in and out of the vehicle the other one is still outside.  I hope you have never had your child run out in front of a car while waiting!  It was a long time ago when my daughter was jumping around and jumped far away from our vehicle and I was thankful there were no cars around but it can be a very scary thought!   

The parking pal magnet is a simple magnet that you place on your car/truck/van that has a little hand print on it.  The child must keep their little hand on the hand-print while they wait.   I know some of you are reading this and say, "OK, my child is never going to keep his/her hand on that hand-print."  I hear you on that, but we have turned this into a game.  First, we talked about why we do it.  Second, we talked about how she was being a helper and staying safe and why it is dangerous in a parking lot.  Third, we play different games as she is waiting, such as I spy, count the red cars, sing me a song, what day of the week is it and can we sing the days of the week song, and sometimes we just carry on the conversation that we were having because now that we have done it several times it has become routine.  :)  

The Parking Pal Magnet offers 8 adorable designs so you can find the right one for your child.  I have the flowers for my girl and we have also talked about how many green, yellow, purple flowers that can be found on her magnet.  :) Shipping on the product was very quick so order today and you will have them as a great Christmas gift!  :) 

Some other great ideas on how to use your Parking Pal other then your car: 
1. Put in on your fridge as a timeout spot
2. Keep one in your purse so when you use a public bathroom you can keep your kids from crawling around the gross floor.  (or worse opening the feminine garbage, mine have done this.)

WHO WANTS TO WIN ONE?? Enter below using the easy Rafflecopter form.  

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Rachel said…
I'd turn it into a game just like you did!
Rachel said…
I also entered your patty shakla giveaway!
DramaMama said…
This is brilliant! I have a daughter who sometimes is purposefully defiant (attachment disorder - we're working on it!) and the hand print would be awesome since she is also a kid who seeks tactile input. Since I have a lot of kids, I might need to get a few of these! I know I would tell them that by putting their hands their, it's like charging their batteries. When Mom says we can go, we join hands and get an extra charge walking into the store together =) Thanks for sharing such a useful and smart product!
Brie said…
This product would help me stay more organized as I can be kind of all over the place, especially when I'm shuffling my girls and shopping bags, and I have a minivan where there all all kinds of doors and openings and "ways to escape".
Angel G said…
I'd make probably alternate who "gets" to put their hand on the magent... that usually helpsm.
Nancy said…
We'd practice using it in our driveway where there no traffic.

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