SUPERFOOD 2012 Election

Amazing Grass was on the search for a new flavor!!  I was able to sample the three new flavors and keep reading to find what flavor I voted for.  :) 

The three choices include:
     - Cucumber Watermelon
     - Citrus Ginger
     - Pineapple Lemongrass

It was a clear winner in our house... DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....


The Citrus Ginger reminded me of a yummy tea!  The Cucumber Watermelon was a close second but the pineapple lemongrass left a sour taste in our mouths.  

So I went to go vote and the results so far SHOCKED ME!!  The Pineapple lemongrass was in first place and my favorite Citrus Ginger was in last.  :(  


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