Take a cuddle snooze

My sister was sneaky and snapped this picture of my son and I when we were visiting a couple weeks ago.  At first I thought the picture was icky but now I love it.  I love moments of snuggling with my kiddos...and my hubby too! The reason I love this picture though is not just because I love to cuddle and sleep but because it reminds me of so much more!  

As a parent we have many choices to make.  One decision that my husband and I made was for me to not work full time and be with our children.  I do make some money on the side with a couple side jobs and from this blog so we truly have been blessed with these opportunities but no matter what, the time I spend with my kids well out weighs the money from a full time working mom.  (I know many women do not have the choice so this is not to make you feel guilty or bad)  

I know I am guilty of wanting to buy my children every thing they want but truly no gift is more important then TIME.  

As we prepare for Thanksgiving I am so thankful for my hardworking husband and my two wonderful children.  :)  With Christmas also fast approaching remember that time with your loved ones is the best gift.  Think about it!!! Instead of spending money on toys and things that are not needed maybe try a gift of time.  Go bowling, game night, swimming, crafts, or look around your town and find an activity to try and buy a gift card there to replace a gift!  :)  


noreen said…
What great ideas! Love the picture of you and your precious baby. God bless!