Adorable Girl Hair Cut

 It has been a very long time since my daughter has had a hair cut and the last few times it has only been a trim but this time was different.  The weekend was here and she brought up the idea that she really wanted to go get her hair cut.  She even had an idea of how she wanted it cut.  Growing up so fast!!!  

She had about 5 inches cut off!!!  She even asked for a swoop bang.  :)  The lady who did her hair was awesome and even did her hair after the cut in an adorable braid and curls.  :)  

This morning it was so nice to comb through her hair without any tangles!  She even was playing and doing her own hair using her clips and head bands.  

Giraffe, yep you love giraffes so I am calling you one!  :)  I want you to know that you have such an amazing smile and its contagious.  When I see you smile I smile! :)  I love being your mom!!!  xoxoxoxo  Love, Mom