Booking our Stay at the #Kalahari

I know you have heard my other few posts regarding the Kalhari in Wisconsin Dells but I am so excited for a night away with my hubby and no kids.  We are still lining all the details up before we can finalize and reserve our stay but as soon as I have a sitter lined up for the night hubby and I will have a great time.  We were hoping to go in a couple weeks but I think it might have to wait a little bit more but I will for sure post pictures of all of our fun! 

I am excited to finally have a night away from the kids, it has been a long time and it sure is important for any married couple to make time for just each other!  I am so blessed to be married to a hard working and loving man and I am so excited to have him all to my self!  :)  

There is still time for you to book a stay at the Kalahari and snag the deal they have going on for the rest of the month.

Book your stay by taking advantage of this special getaway package created just for you at:


Emi said…
Kalhari in Wisconsin Dells without kids? I would only go here for the kids! We went here in the summer and the kids loved it but with all of the other kids around I would have no way of realxing!
Well, we might not "relax" but we will be able to enjoy the water park with out chasing our little ones around and not being able to do all the fun slides with the young ones. We have not had a night to our selves since well before my almost 2 year old was born... we are due for mommy and daddy time!

We will try to bring the whole family again!

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