Christmas Recap

The day is wrapping up as the kids are all tucked in and sleeping after having a fun filled day.  The fun will continue in a few days once we celebrate with my side of the family.  :) It sure is fun to watch and enjoy my kids as they unwrap a new gift and the smiles and laughter of excitement sure does my heart good.  

I realized I did not do a good job of taking pictures during unwrapping gifts but oh well, it was more fun treasuring the moment then trying to capture it on camera.

Here are a few snapshots of the day!

Mustache??  Who knew you could have so much fun with this gag gift?  

My daughter all dolled up with make-up...a gift.  I think makeup will only come out on special occasions because I need to keep her my little girl and she looks so grown up here!!! She did feel magnificent! 

The Bammco book- Search and find our faces!  The kids will continue to keep searching each page!  :) 

 Playing a Lalaloopsy game with my wonderful and excited daughter.  :)  She WON! 

 Unwrapping a gift together!  It was fun to see my 21 month old having a great time unwrapping gifts.  HE is not my baby anymore!

Mommy got a new and adorable hat!  :) 

 He got a vibrating tooth brush as a gift and I think it might be his favorite gift!  What a silly boy! 


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