Guest Post: Children and the Home

Children and the Home Children rarely sit still. Given the choice, as any parent surely knows, they will happily run around, play and be as active as possible. This is a perfectly natural part of growing up, but it does mean you have to keep them safe. While keeping them out of the way of dangerous objects and things to run in to is obvious, it’s the things you can't see that can often prove the biggest concerns. What lies below? By this I mean germs and bacteria. You can't see them, but their potential affects can be serious for a small child. There are certain places children like to play that you may not typically consider. In this case, the floor is a prime target. Children love the floor. Adults and parents only use it for walking on, children love to get on hands and knees and make direct contact with it. As such, they have a much higher exposure to whatever is on the floor. Germs are a major concern for parents. Germs can build up if left undisturbed and can cause harm to a child. But as a new Black and Decker advert shows, since children playing on the floor is as good as inevitable – keep the area safe instead of discouraging them from doing what’s natural. To this end, you need a simple solution to keeping the floor clean, such as the steam mop. This device uses steam power to ensure a clean and safe surface. Auto-select technology also ensures that the mop can clean any surface, since typical houses have more than one type of flooring. Growing up safely As Black and Decker’s new ad shows, children are at their most natural state when playing on or around the floor; demonstrating who they naturally are and potentially will be in the future. A child painting or drawing on the floor might seem like a generic activity for most children, who's to say what that child might grow up to be in the future? If they could turn out to be an artist, you wouldn't want to deprive them of all that time spent practicing.


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