Homemade Gifts: DIY Christmas Jewelry

If you have not seen my Christmas Play-doh post with the recipe please go read it so you can get started on this fun activity!!

My 5 year old is a lover of jewels!  She loves to wear her bracelets and necklaces and recently she has been asking if she can get her ears pierced...thanks to auntie for that!

As we were playing with our new Christmas Play-Doh  I found myself rolling the dough into small balls. 0My daughter was soon copying me and then the light bulb went off.  She and I can make beads and make some homemade Christmas gifts for her friends and for some family!  :)  

We made different sizes of square cubes and circle spheres.  We did two batches and on the second batch we mixed two colors together and made a neat marble look.  :)  

Grab a wire and make sure you put holes in the beads before you bake them.  I strung the beads on a wire for baking to help keep the hole and it enabled me to easily turn the beads during baking.  :)  I baked the beads at 250 for an hour. Half way through I flipped the beads. You might need to bake them longer just make sure they are not squishy or crumbly.  (You really can't burn these) 

After the beads cooled my daughter and I strung them with yarn and made bracelets and necklaces.  She is very excited to give some gifts to her friends.

Now it's time to figure out how to wrap these wonderful gifts.  :)  Feel free to share/pin this idea.  :)  


Unknown said…
YAY!!! LETS GET HER EARS PIERCED!!!! Let her do it for Christmas!!!