Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree's

Look at those messy faces enjoying a Christmas tree snack.  These easy do it yourself snacks are sure to please the kiddos in your life.  :)  My kids got the prize of a bath after they finished their tree.  :)  

Supplies you need:
Waffle cones
Green Food coloring
Other treats to decorate- we used M&M's 

I did learn the hard way that my 5 year old could not frost a waffle cone without breaking it so I got to frost all the cones while the munchkins got to decorate with sprinkles and M&M's.  I used the supplies we had at the house but I'm sure you could use any time of candy to decorate your tree's.  (gumdrops, sixlets, skittles, peanuts, coconut, and many many other treat choices.) 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!   GO make some memories with your family!  :)