Lord, Help her to continue to be a Blessing to others

I am in awe of my daughter tonight!  I felt blessed as she started her prayers which then made for a lot of questions and answers to follow.  I am so thankful for her big heart and her love to listen and hear from Jesus. 

So her prayers went a little something like this:

Dear Jesus,
I am so happy I listened to you on how to help my friend N. on the bus today.  The boys were mean but I was a good friend and I helped her when she was crying.  I like it when you help me be the best friend I can be.  Lord, can you help J. and A. be nice friends with us?  I want to help more of my friends so please help me do that.  

(She continued on for a few minutes more repeating and rephrasing some of the same things.)  My heart was so proud of her but my prayer for her is to be a blessing to others.  How often do we pray for our children to be blessed and receive but today I am praying that my daughter continues to have love, mercy, compassion and to be a blessing to others.  What a great gift she has in her and I am excited to help her learn how to use it!  AMEN!!!  

So after discussing the bus issue I found out that two boys had taken a bracelet from my daughters friend.  They are all in the same class and I believe they were cousins so you do have that family dynamic.  My daughter then told me that she asked the boys if she could see the bracelet and when they gave it to her she gave it to her friend.  She then told me that she told the boys that we need to ask if we want to see we can't take things that aren't ours.  She helped her friend stop crying and she was surely being the hands and feet of Jesus on the bus today!  

You see this bus thing is a huge deal to me.  At the beginning of the school year a week before classes started they changed my daughters school placement.  She went from a 2 minute bus ride to  about a 20 minute bus ride and I was fearful and not happy.  I am happy that God has big plans for my daughter and he has placed her at the right school on the right bus where she is being used in a mighty way for her peers.  :)   :)  HALLELUJAH!!!!  

So parents today I challenge and encourage you to pray with and for your children.  No matter their age or understanding.  I challenge you to be the hands and feet of Jesus tomorrow.  How can you be a blessing to someone?