"The Friendly Beasts" by Rebecca St. James- Book Review

The Friendly Beasts

Don't let the title of this book fool you, this is a Christmas book!  Rebecca St. James is the artist who narrates and performs a classic Christmas Carol in this adorable children's story.  

This story/song retells the birth of Jesus in the eyes of the animals.  It includes five animals- a cow, a sheep, a camel, a donkey, and a dove.  I love how each of these five animals shows Jesus some love with a gift!  :) The book comes with a CD with Rebecca St. James singing the song and a total of 4 tracks.  One of the tracks ins Rebecca's Christmas Memories which is sure to touch your heart.  I am hoping to create memories with my children and I know this book will be a favorite Christmas story to read year after year.  

Not only was the songs and narration done beautifully but the illustrator captures the birth of Jesus in brilliant colors.  Anna Vojtech has illustrated several books for children including folktales  and stories about nature.