The Missing Alphabet- A Parents’ Guide to Developing Creative Thinking in Kids by

The Missing Alphabet is a new approach to teaching just for parents!  I am a certified teacher (staying home with my babies for now) and the book was right when it said our education system was created during the Industrial Revolution, where we focused on Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  The three R's are important but we live in a digital age and our teaching and parenting should change to reflect that. 

Parents don't freak out in a panic thinking this is going to be a challenge.  The book outlines great ideas to use in your every day life.  

The balance is making sure you allow your kids to get creative and using that creativity during literacy times.

The book gives examples and great ideas for all parents to try with their child/ren.  Some categories include: line, rhythm  space, movement, texture, color, shape, light, sound.  

If you want your child to have the extra edge in education then parents help them out.  Get your hands on this book and let the creativity flow! Once you get going on some of these things you start to naturally flow with these ideas in your every day life and teaching your children becomes natural.  

I received this book for free to review.  I was not paid for review and all opinions are 100% mine.