What to eat??

So this girl right here woke up early with the dreaded FLU!  Yep, I am victim number 3 in the house and I have no idea why I'm on the computer.  OK, I guess I'm on the computer to  try to escape from the tummy pain.  :(  Please pray for me.  

This morning I thought I was already feeling better and I tried to eat some cereal and well that did not end well.  I am trying to figure out what I can put in my body so I can be on the mend.  Typically it is Sprite, jello, and soup for flu people like me but for some odd reason I am thinking bread might be good too.  Mainly because my husband offered to get me a slice of bread but now I don't want just any bread or the bread that is in my kitchen.

 I think I am on the mend when I know what I want to eat...right?  

So what is your favorite food to eat when recovering from the icky flu?