2013- Goals

I love to reflect as the new year starts and the old one ends.  I have had a great year- some big things to high light.  

Here are a few things that made 2012 a great year:
1. The hubby and I purchased a home!!!  We moved last spring and have been enjoying our own space and doing lots of fun projects around the house!  (It was prophesied that we would have a nice house- Praise God for this house)

2. I had a successful year losing weight!  I started last year at 130 and got down to 117.  I did gain a few pounds because of poor diet choices and a foot injury and my new goal is set for 2013!  

3. My marriage- we had some great dates and it was such a blessing to have someone we trust to watch our kids so we could invest in each other.  :) 

4. God provided all our needs and so much more!  I started watching a little boy which was a great supplement to our income.  

5. My children are growing and learning and help me enjoy every minute of life!

6. We got a dog this year!!  She may be some work but she sure is loved and we love having her in our family. 

7.  This blog- it has been fun, it has been a blessing, and it will continue to grow!  I changed to a .com in December and hoping that change will open more doors in 2013.  Thanks to all you loyal fans!  :) 

8. Jesus- we sure have grown closer in 2012 and I expect even more in 2013!  I am starting a few different devos and very excited to learn more and love more like HIM.  

So enough about 2012 (feel free to stalk my blog to see all the fun we had!) lets get on with the future.  Here are a few things I want to  do or accomplish in the new year.

1. My relationship with God- I want to finish all the devo's I start.  I want to take the time to reflect and really grasp what I read and what God was teaching me each day during my devo's.  I want to make sure this stays a priority each day!  I also want to improve my prayer life and my boldness to pray for people when the Spirit leads me to pray!  I WANT GOD TO USE ME!!!

2. HEALTH!  I am proud of the weight I lost in 2012 but I am setting new goals and ready to lose a little bit more and get back to the healthy eating choices that I have been a bit too relaxed the last few months.

3. My family!!  More dates with my man and some one on one time with each of my kids!  I am also going to do a better job of balancing technology ie phone and computer when it is family time.  No technology at the dinner table and at other family events! 

4. Financially- I want to continue to save but also time to start investing for our future.  Looking into mutual funds!  

5. Live each day to the fullest! Praising God, living in Joy, Loving on others, AMEN! 

Our family will live this year with the motto: 
 "Pray about everything, worry about nothing."     


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