Baby... I mean Toddler

I am fairly certain that Titus is not happy that I called him "the baby" today.  I remember being the youngest in my family and I made my mother give me a quarter every time she called me baby or one of my baby nicknames, "Apy do."   My lil man might be turning two in a couple months and I am not OK with that, I mean I will be alright and I understand my kids are going to grow up but the baby stage seemed to disappear too quickly!!  We are not sure if we will have more children or not at this time so I am really making sure I cherish every thing!!

He is 21 months already but when I look at him I see my baby, my little guy who needs his mamma for all his basic needs but he is becoming so independent now. Today, I said throw this away and he happily listened and completed the task.  He was so proud.  He is a big helper and a trouble maker all at the same time...100% boy!   

I feel like only a blink ago I was making my list of baby gifts that I needed for my baby shower.  Yes, I was blessed with a shower with my 2nd child!!!  :)  I remember feeling so blessed by all the love and even more so because we had every thing that my baby would need and so much more.  Gifts of diapers, wipes, blankets, a whole wardrobe, and toys!  

Thank you Lord for blessing me with 2 great kids!  It is a wonderful gift to be a mother!  


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