Candy Japan

 Thanks Bemmu for sending me candy to review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.  

I have never been to Japan but I love experiencing and learning about other cultures around the world.  I found a neat way to try some candy from Japan.  

You can get your mystery sweets from Japan each month with a monthly subscription for $23.95.  

I thought it would be very interesting to try some candy from a different country.  I was shipped three different candies and they were very different from each other.  

The first candy I tried was the little "mini" in the yellow box.  They were small sweet candies that were chewy and several different flavors including grape, cherry, apple, lemon.  They were great!  The second thing we sampled was chocolate with a gummy inside it.  My kids love gummies so they loved it.  I thought the chocolate was great it was very smooth and creamy and yummy.  The last thing we tried was a bit questionable.  Since we could not read the packaging we had no idea what it was.  There was a picture of some strange faces so we thought it might be sour.  When we opened the package the candy looked like scraps of paper as they were very thin.  The smell caught me off guard and I was fearful to even put it in my mouth but my husband is always up for a challenge.  He put it in his mouth and immediately it came back out!   He was confused by the fishy flavor of a piece of candy.  So we are assuming that this might be some sort of gag gift.  Or maybe the candy is one that many Japanese families enjoy???  The fishy flavor was something I was not willing to even try... SORRY!  My dog did not even want to try it.  

The concept of trying things from another country is great!  It can be quite humorous when the candy is not something you expect but that is part of the mystery! 


Emi said…
I am of Japanese descent but do not read Japanese. However, I am exposed to a lot of Japanese snacks and treats from my relatives. I am guessing that what you got was dried squid. We went to Universal Studios Japan (an amusement park) and instead of having the studio tour that they have in the southern California location, they had a tour based on the movie Jaws. At the gift shop they had several snacks that were dried squid but with the shark from Jaws picture on the package. Another popular treat are shrimp flavored chips shaped like french fries. There is a lot of seafood in Japan because they are on an island. At Tokyo Disneyland we got kim chee flavored popcorn. Kim cheese is fermented cabbage with hot spice similar to tabasco. If you were a Japanese kid, you would have liked the snack.