Get away without the kids

It finally happened!  You know where the hubby and I left on an overnight adventure without our kids.  We found a sitter to stay at our house with the kids and the dog, we sure are blessed to have people we can trust.  :) My husband and I have been married for 6.5 years but I think our honeymoon was the only time we have gone on an overnight adventure without our children, so it was much needed.  

We left Sunday morning at 10 am before all the snow and freezing rain made the roads terrible.   We had enough time to enjoy the water park, the amusement park, go shopping, and eat some yummy food.  

I will admit that going to the Kalahari resort without the kids was a bit strange since it is such a kid friendly place and I did start to miss my kids, but it is a good think to miss your kids so you can enjoy them even more when you get home.  

I may have missed my kids for a few minutes here and there but being able to enjoy adult activities instead of staying in the kiddie pool!  I loved just hanging out with my man and having fun doing crazy activities that we never typically get to do.  :) 

Some of my favorite things from the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells includes:  the outside hot tub, and the hot tub bar (the only bar connected to a hot tub in Wisconsin), laser tag- I was actually pretty good, mini golf I got a couple hole in ones which I think the hubby got a little jealous, and I really enjoyed my caramel apple.  

With Valentines Day approaching I hope you make some time for your spouse!  Do something out of the ordinary!  Go have fun with each other!!  :)