House Repairs

Since we currently own two homes because we bought a house then moved and now rent one out and live in one we are constantly doing house projects.  I love doing projects on the house I live in but it is a challenge when we have to spend money on the house we don't live in.  One project we keep discussing and trying to figure out is the roof.  Should we do the roof or should we just try to sell the house.  Tough choices!  

Since we have purchased our house that we rent we have had insulation put in, done floors, redone the steps, painted both porches, refinished the step out porch, painted a bedroom and the kitchen, and purchased a new stove, water heater, furnace, and toilet.  We purchased the house in 2006...that's a lot of completed projects. I have to give so much credit to my husband who has made several 2 hour trips to go fix things.  I am so thankful I have not had to do all the work he has had to do.  I like projects at our house but not at our rental property... I know that is terrible.  

The house is over 100 years old so its not like it was made with ICF.  Anyone else have a house they use as a rental property?  How do you save money on house repairs? 


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