Is it spring yet?

I know it's January and far from spring but I am just so excited for spring this year.  I am excited for of course warm temperatures but more importantly I am excited for our outside projects we want to do around the house.

I know we are planning on putting a fence up in the back yard, making more garden boxes, and redoing the landscaping in the front of the house.  Each and every project is going to be fun and exciting.  I am very excited to have the back yard fenced up so we can let the dog out and run in the back.  I am also excited to have a bigger and better garden this year.  :)  I have a lot more research to do in preparation but I am thrilled for the new gardening challenge.

The front of the house has to be redone because the dog chewed and ruined some of the plants.  Each project we will be doing will be budgeted and hopefully the hubby and I have the time to complete them.  :)  If we had more money and a bigger yard we would buy  gazebo kits

So are any of you planning any outside projects and eager for spring and summer?