My lil ball player

Basketball is one sport I played through my school years.  I was the point guard and I loved it.  This week my daughter started a basketball fundamentals class and I am excited that she loved it!!  She did a very good job with passing and not too bad with dribbling.  She did struggle with shooting but she is 5 and even though they lowered the hoops they were still too high.  I do expect her to improve over the next 7 weeks.  :)  We might have to sign her up for the next class!  :) 

The last couple of years she has been able to try many different classes at the YMCA.  She has done swimming a few times, gymnastics several times, cooking class, craft class, and even music class.  She loves all the classes she has been in  so it can make it challenging since she wants to do them all every week.  Basketball is more affordable then gymnastics so I am really hoping to keep her in basketball for awhile.  I know she loves gymnastics but the cost and the competition and pressure at such a  young age is hard.  

My dearest daughter,
I love your passion to be active.  You love trying new things all the time and it makes me so proud!  I remember being such a shy kid but it makes me happy that you do not have that type of fear.  :) I pray that you will continue to thrive at every activity that you do.  :)