Numb toes and frozen bum

Well, I knew the unusual warm winter would soon pass and the real cold front would come in.  Today was a  frozen day and tomorrow's high is -2 and the windchill is probably -15 to -30!  This is the time of year that I always question myself, "Why do I still live in Wisconsin?"  

I have always said once its below 0 you can't tell if its 0 or -30... its just cold.  brrrrrrrrr

I have lived in this state my whole life and you would think at 28 years old you would just be able to tolerate the frozen tundra but every year when the cold spell hits it leaves me with numb toes, a cold butt, and thoughts in my head about spring and summer.  

So how is the weather where you are?  


Maegan Morin said…
Compared to yesterday -14 today is quite warm :S Hope that it warms up for you soon. Keep cozy!

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