Sock of the Month Club Review and Giveaway

Did you know that you could get a new pair of socks sent to you every month!!  YES, a sock of the month club does exist!!!  It costs $11 per month with free shipping and you will get name brand, adorable, and comfy socks sent right to your door.  No eye rolling at me, I know there are many people as excited as me about a fun new pair of socks.  I love the crisp feeling of putting on new socks, so why not do it every month.  

Thanks Sock of the Month Club for sending me a pair of socks to review your service.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% mine.    

The Sock of the month club is EXCLUSIVE, FASHIONABLE, and CONVENIENT!!  You can gift this membership to someone or sign yourself up today.  

Did you know that most people have to throw a pair of socks away each month anyways so why not get it replaced the easy way, the Sock Club way!  

I love my new purple pair of socks, they fit well, and are stylish   I love how quickly they were shipped out and the packaging was adorable.  They actually wrapped the sock in tissue paper then used wax to seal it!!  How creative!!  It took someone with a passion to set up a neat club so check it out.  

If you love socks or you know a sock lover then sign up today and become a member of the Sock of the Month Club.  

Enter the giveaway below to win a three month subscription to the Sock of the Month Club.  GOOD LUCK! 

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Maegan Morin said…
I dont know why but it takes me FOREVER to wear through socks. Honestly I still have some socks way in the back of my sock drawer that are from high school. (scary right... i should throw them away now).
Anonymous said…
My socks always get lost where is the sock fairy
heather walter said…
I love socks! I have socks for almost every occasion. I don't have Thanksgiving yet. Funny enough I have 4th of july, even back to school, a zillion christmas, some easter, st patty's day plus other random, zany designs but no Thanksgiving. I also have normal socks too, for the record, but not as many
Unknown said…
i love fun socks!! i have way too many because i can't resist buying cute socks all the time :)
Donna George said…
Broken link for networked blogs.

I love socks, but they need to be thick for me to really like them
tiffany said…
i Love getting new socks!! my favorite kinds of socks are ones with penguins or ones that look like animals. :)
bkennedy said…
I love socks, but I am short handed so my kids can have new ones!
i love socks! i don't have a single pair of plain colored socks. when i was pregnant with my daughter last year,my ob doc always commented on how awesome my socks were.she said she looked forward to my appointments just so she could check them out,lol.i wore toe socks once and she went nuts,so i brought her a pair. :)
meredith m said…
my dad likes to wear red socks on saturday, now whenever i see red socks it makes me smile
AJ said…
In geometry our teacher would sometimes bring donuts. I would complain about my socks falling cause I didn't have enough donuts.
AJ said…
In geometry our teacher would sometimes bring donuts. I would complain about my socks falling cause I didn't have enough donuts.

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