Weight Loss Challenge

So I stepped on the scale today and I had a little victory dance!  :) January 1st I was 122 pounds and this morning I weighed in at 118.5.  :)  I am making healthy choices and working hard at the gym.  I FEEL GREAT!  I know some of you see that number and think I wish I was that number.  The truth of the matter is it is just a number.  I am a very short women and I may weigh less now then when I got married but the body is still not like it used to be I am trying to firm up the middle, and tone the legs.  I still have lots of baby fat to loose!  I put the number on here to help keep me accountable and not to make anyone stumble in jealousy or anger.  

Today I challenged myself to run a 5K and beat my time from last year-- SUCCESS!  I did it in 27 minutes and 30 some odd seconds.  :) WOOT!  

Like I mentioned before I am being honest here in my weight and my struggles for the whole world to see!

So what struggles did I have this week?  Food!  I was with teens on Saturday and they eat anything and everything but I did not fall into temptation eating all the junk.  :)  YAY!  I really feel like the devo I have been using on youversion.com has been helping- Look up the devotional Made to Crave.   Helps change your perspective each day!  :) 

How is your health?  Ready for a challenge? 


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