What's your hobby?

Do you have a hobby?  I think my hobby right now is the gym, and I guess that's a good thing!  Can a hobby be getting fit and eating healthy???  I mean I do like to read, do Pintrest projects, make hair clips, be outside gardening, and probably many other things I can't think of at the moment.  

I look at my amazing husband and I think his hobbies are amazing.  He can literally pick up an instrument and in minutes have a song to serenade me. :)  When I met him he played guitar and he was not a rock n roll type guitar player but more of a classical guitar player and I adored it!  I remember buying him a guitar for Christmas, he was all giddy and smiley!  I sometimes thing about getting him a new guitar but the man has like 6 or 7 guitars so then I think again.  I have never thought about doing something special to one of his guitars like an inlay design.  I know my husband worked hard on one of his cases and stained a very detailed picture of Jesus on it.  It looks neat, which also brings up one of his hobbies that he just doesn't have enough time for is art.  He is so artistic and unfortunately he has limited time to create.   I love his charcoal drawings which make me want him to participate in the annual chalk fest we have in town.  

So what is your hobby?  How do you make time for it?  How do you balance your time so you are not doing it too much?  Is it your God give talent?