Winter Skin

Can I just say HALLELUJAH before anything else!? HALLELUJAH!! I just have to give you a praise report-- A HEALING REPORT.  When my daughter was born she was born with a strawberry mark on her lower back and one leg.  Her first winter she had a huge dry red patch, eczema, on her cheek and her birthmarks were also dry and itchy.  It was a frustrating ordeal that lasted about 3 years.  We removed wheat from her diet for awhile and she was tested for other allergies.  We had to use special fragrance free and mild soaps and lotions.  I always felt so bad for my daughter to have such a uncomfortable ailment.  I also felt like a big meanie when I yelled at her to stop itching her skin.  

It is January and my daughter's skin seems moist not dry!  :)  No eczema creeping up  no itching skin anywhere.  :)  I remember the bill from the Dermatologist office it was frightening but even that bill God took care of for us!  :)  Dermalogcia care was important!  I am so thankful my daughter is not suffering with itchy, dry, peeling, flaking skin! Even her birth marks are starting to lighten up and the one on her back is not very visible.  :)  One thing I hope continues to lighten up as she grows.  

Have you ever suffered from dry skin?  Or how about dry skin on birth marks? 

Thank -you Jesus for taking care of my Selah and her skin!  AMEN 


Unknown said…
I suffer from dry skin, and so does my daughter. When she was a baby we used lynscoil (the nipple cream) and it helped a lot. I find the products that have the less amount of chemicals in them are the ones that work the best for us. Thank-you for sharing your praise report.


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