A Mothers's Heart

I know one prayer I have often for my children is for their future spouse.  I know the person that my son or daughter will marry is a women or man that will be in love with Jesus.  Today on facebook I saw a post that some of you might have seen on my page.  It said, "A women's heart should be so hidden in God, that a man has to seek Him to find her."  Go check out the picture HERE!  

It really got me thinking about my prayers for my children and how I can make sure my daughter but also my son are keeping their relationship with God a top priority all throughout their life.  Since my husband and I are youth pastors we see many times the teen age relationships that fall apart but also see the students relationship with Jesus suffer as well.  It is a burden on my heart for my children to make sure I teach, nurture, and model a relationship with Jesus as a number 1 priority!

How do you teach your children to put Jesus at the top of the Priority list? 


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