Author Spotlight: Joyce Magnin

Author Joyce Magnin Continues to Inspire Young Readers with a Magically Sweet New Book

“Magnin’s riotous imagination is fun to run with; she’s cooked up a sweet story.”—Publishers Weekly
“Magnin maintains a delicate balance between a fablelike fantasy and reality fiction.”—Kirkus Reviews

cake.JPGMany would consider a moist, icing-topped slice of cake the ultimate comfort food. Now, in Joyce Magnin’s CAKE (Zonderkidz; $14.99), the delectable treat takes on a new meaning when a young girl discovers the secret behind the tasty baked items prepared with a special recipe.
In her new book, the celebrated author of Carrying Mason tells the story of 12-year-old prankster, Wilma Sue, an orphan who fears she’s destined to hop from one foster home to the next for the rest of her young life.
When she is sent to live with sisters and missionaries, Naomi and Ruth, Wilma Sue hopes she’s finally found a home to call her own.
As she adjusts to her new surroundings, Wilma Sue learns - through the sisters’ lifestyle and Naomi’s specialty of baking - what it means to feel truly loved.  While daily chores like tending to the sisters’ chicken coop and attending Sunday church services are an adjustment for the young girl, she is also intrigued by Naomi’s homemade “magical” cakes, which seem to “heal” anyone who eats them.  Soon she’s ready to do some baking of her own.

Wilma Sue decides to make a cake for her new friend, Penny, and the girl’s mother, Mrs. Pigsworthy, both of whom are both going through a rough time (and Penny seems to be taking out her frustration on the vulnerable Wilma Sue).  Can Wilma Sue help Penny and Mrs. Pigsworthy with her very own chocolate lava cake? 

Magnin takes Wilma Sue and readers on a journey to find faith in themselves and those around them. Fans will learn, with Wilma Sue,  that it’s not just the yummy dessert that cures, but that two special ingredients play an important role: love and hope.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joyce Magnin is the author of five novels; including the popular Bright’s Pond series and the 2011 middle grade novel Carrying Mason. She is a frequent speaker and writing instructor. Magnin lives with her son in Havertown, Pennsylvania.

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