.Ball and Kids Kitchen Pot Fun

Who knew we would spend about 45 minutes playing with this yellow ball and kids cooking pot.  My little guy has a pretty well known obsession with all balls!  He see's one and he is after it.  I actually had to leave Target one day because he was having a melt down because of a ball...sigh!  

In our hallway we simply played several throw and catch games.  We used the pot to bounce the ball and throw the ball.  We bounced the ball off the wall and off each others tummies, and he laid on the ball for some fun rolling and balancing too!  You can believe we will be doing this activity again and probably soon!  He has several other balls that I'm sure he will want to try these games with.  :) 

You can see the pure fun and joy on his face in the picture below.  :)  

Today, I encourage you to find a ball and find some new ways to play with it.  


Unknown said…
Love your post! Brought back many memories of playing ball with my little one. Isn't it amazing what they will get obsessed with?


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