Daddy Daughter Date!

The first thing I have to say is THANK YOU JESUS for a wonderful husband who is also an amazing daddy!  

Yesterday my hubby took my 5 year old daughter on a date.  They went out to eat, played at the mall, danced and ate at Cherry Berry for Dessert, and he bought her a special ring.  I am most certain that the ring is going to stay on that little finger for a long time!  

The big reason my hubby and I value this one on one time is very simple, we want our daughter to realize how she should be treated when she gets to the dating age.  A boy is going to have to work really hard because my daughters Daddy is truly a gentlemen and is creating life long bonds with her that no young boy will be able to come between.  We truly believe that girls/daughters who are brought up with a trusting and good relationship with their fathers will pick and choose boys who will respect them the way their daddy's do.  

As we raise our daughter up to know our Papa God in heaven we are also teaching her how HE sees her, a true princess! 

As we continue to raise our daughter and keep our relationship strong I hope our communication continues to grow stronger.  I know my prayers and my commitment as a mother will continue to cover her and protect her.   


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