Draw Near to God

Today as I was driving home from work and enjoying listening to the radio this verse just hit me on the head.                                            James 4:8a- "Draw near to God and He will Draw near to you."   I have had so many people young and old tell me some of these things, "Where is God, I don't feel him anymore."  "I don't think I'm a christian anymore because God is so distant."  "Why is this happening in my life, where is God."  

Now my immediate response is, "those are all lies from the enemy wanting you to feel those things."  Which I do believe is true but when I sit and think about James 4:8 it now unravels so many more questions to ask those people and to encourage those people.  Or even remind myself!! 

Are you truly drawing near to God?  When was your last devotional time?  What was the last book of the Bible you were reading?  When did you have some quiet time and soak and really listen for God's calling and direction?  Are you praying?  How is your worship?  Is there some sort of sin holding you back making you feel guilty?  

God's word is TRUTH so Draw near to HIM and he will draw near to you!  Simple as that!  Sounds simple, but in reality we live in a busy busy world with distraction after distraction!  (Even as I am writing this my phone is beeping and telling me I have a new email and it was so easy for me to lose my focus)

Here are some simple steps to make sure you are drawing near to HIM! 

1. Set a time and KEEP it for Bible reading, prayer, and soaking.  

2. Worship- humble your heart and fully enter in to his presence in what ever form that may look like!  Worshiping with a pure and child like heart will prepare you for transformations! 

3. Get a hold of that HOLY SPIRIT- some are so scared of this awesome and powerful gift.  I know many people who have been afraid of it because it makes you vulnerable- vulnerable because God is going to use you in a mighty way!  Allowing God to use us with his power is amazing, not scary! 

4. Fellowship- Make sure you are attending a church and get involved there!  Check for small groups and find a small group that you can be honest and humble with.  Don't be shy but build each other up.  

So today I pray for each of you reading this!  I pray you would honestly ask these questions and search your heart.  I pray God would reveal His heart to you and  your heart would fall deeper in love with HIM.  I pray transformations and restorations to start in your lives!  AMEN!


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