Kids at Play

Have you read my post, "One Awesome Daddy."  My husband is a man who can do anything, fix anything, build anything, solve any problem.  He just figures a way out no matter what the task might be.  Having a husband like this makes my life as a mommy even more fun.  I find projects for him make or build all the time, now he may not have time all the time but in one weekend he was able to build my daughters loft bed and put in a wood laminate floor in our house.  :) When we make the time he is very productive.  :) 

With summer fast approaching I have so many ideas on what projects I really want to have him and I complete.   The newest idea that I was browsing is Wood Playhouses!!!  They are so adorable!!  I am unsure of the timeline to build some of these fancy mini houses but if I had one of these houses as a child I would have been in heaven!  The time it would take my hubby to build a mini house would probably make us just want to purchase one.  Then I also have to factor in our winters and how to keep the playhouse safe during winter months.   

I remember one of my best friends grandma lived across the street from us and she had a rental unit up stairs and when it was vacant I remember my friend and I played house all afternoon in a small apartment unit.  We wished she would not rent it out but leave it as a playhouse for us.  I did not understand that she needed the income from the rental unit, innocent mind of a child.  

Do you have any projects you would like to create in your near future?  Do you use Pintrest and have so many pins you never now what project you want to do next?