Limited Edition-Shirley Temple from Boylan

Boylan Bottling Company has a new seasonal flavor that will not be on the shelves long!  The Shirley Temple will only be at stores for a limited time so be sure to pick up yours today!  

If you remember I did review Boylan Drinks back in December so feel free to read that review HERE.    I loved them because they use a natural Cane Sugar in their drinks so no HIGH FRUCTOSE is involved!  :) 

This season they made the Shirley Temple (virgin of course)!!  If you are a fan of sweet cherries then this is the drink for you.  The sweet cherry taste may have been a bit too sweet for my taste buds but my husband and two children enjoyed the drink!  It's nice to serve something sweet that is not chalk full of gross preservatives and High Fructose Corn Syrup, Boylan uses a natural Cane Sugar which makes this mama happy!  :) 

Make sure to stay connected with Boylan Bottling Company to see what flavors are coming out and deals they post often.