RoomMates Wall Decals Review

RoomMates Wall Decals

Thank-you to Nicole from RoomMates Wall Decals for sending me a tree for our play room and a tree for our living room to review.  All opinions are 100% mine and I was not paid for this review.  

RoomMates Wall Decals is a US run company where majority of their products are made here in the United States, only a few are stated from a different country.  The decals are an easy to use product that a beginner or a pro can use and admire their work.  

I had two trees and I like the fact that you can put on and take off in case you want to move it around.  I stuck with the picture since I liked the way the tree looked, and sticking to the image is a bit tricky since the pieces are  not labeled.  The idea behind the decals is to allow you to be the artist and not stick with the suggest image, but I am a bit picky and I wanted my tree's to look good.  I did rearrange a few leaves here and there and overall I am very happy with the outcome.  The tree's add a lot of dimension to the rooms and seem to make it feel more at home.  

Overall I am very happy with the product and with a little more help in my artistic area I hope to add some more fun to my walls!  

Shipping is very fast so hurry and order today for a great Valentines Gift! 

The website has so many amazing ideas for your walls and the prices are affordable.  I recommend if you have a bare wall some where that needs brightening up to check out all the choices on RoomMates Wall Decals website

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