Skin Care

As I get closer and closer to the 30 year mark I am getting more and more aware of my skin changes.  I am not sure if it is normal for skin to constantly change from oily to dry to tired baggy eyes but my face seems to be changing a lot.  I have even started to notice some wrinkles, yes wrinkles before the age of 30- YIKES!  

I finally started wearing make up again to try to hide some of the tired eyes and normal blemishes.  After having kids I was not wearing make-up very often but now its a few times a week.   I know I am the only one who actually sees the changes but oh well! I have been pretty good about remembering to wear sunscreen in the summer months but it may be time to have a concealer that has some SPF protection in it.  

There are endless amounts of products out there that will help with sun protection, anti aging products, acne care, and even wrinkle defense products.  Make sure you don't use just any product!  Check the safety and the ingredient labels to make sure you are using safe or even natural products.  One line to check out is SkinMedica Products.  

If you are young make sure you start taking care of your skin NOW, don't wait.  


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