The Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Dad by Adam Fletcher Bradley--- BOOK REVIEW

I may be a mother and not father but as a mother I was inspired by reading this book.  After I was finished reading through the book I paged through and found so many yellow marks from all the highlighting I did while reading it!  There were so many moments reading the book where I thought, "That is exactly what I was thinking"  and "YES, so true" and "I wish I would have said that."    

I was able to understand and connect with the author because of some similar experiences we both share as parents, parents with a Christian faith, and working with teenagers.   

Mother or father, stay at home or work out of the house this is a must read to help you be the best parent you can be and to help you understand the importance of connecting to your child/ren on a deeper relationship level. 

The book is a short read but worth re -reading anytime! This 100 page book will encourage you to go deeper relational with your children and with God our daddy in Heaven.  One feature I enjoyed was the questions at the end of each chapter that make you ponder your parenting skills and how to improve them.  

Here are a few quotes from the book that are worth sharing. 

"Our kids are persistent in pursuing our love because the role of a parent was designed to meet the innate needs of their children in a healthy and appropriate way.  When those needs are not met, our kids can develop emotional wounds that they will carry though out their adult life."    
I really started thinking about the truth of that. I work with many teens and I see a lot of pain from just emotional hurt from their parents.  

Another quote from the book I highlighted is, "The hard or deeper work is being able to see past the things that annoy us.  WE must be able to see past the surface and hear what is being communicated beyond the words that are spoken.  Many are referring to this generation as the generation that "desperately wants to be found."  Maybe they feel lost because we are failing to take the time to really listen to what is being said."  What a wake up call to everyone to really start to listen- to be a good communicator and listener are important especially in parenting.  

The last quote I will leave you with is, "Is it possible that god allows us to have children to remind us of the invitation He has given us to truly live and enjoy the world around us?"    When I am up in the middle of the night with my son or daughter and at first I am cranky with the thought of getting out of bed I am usually reminded as I hold and rock my babies how much I love them.  As I am feeling a deep love for my kids I am always reminded that God loves me that way and even MORE.  

Adam does a great job of communicating the important role of a parent, father or mother.  I love hearing his life lessons he has learned while being a dad but also hearing some humorous stories from his daughter.  

This quick read is worth the purchase today!  Adam also has a website:

Order your Copy HERE! 


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