When do/did you know you were done having babies?

It seems like every few weeks I get that baby urge.  You know the big desire to have another baby.  I am getting closer to 29 but I still have several good years left to have a baby.  I just think about the sweet baby smiles, the many first in that first year of life.  I think about pregnancy and I have been blessed with two pretty good ones.  

My husband thinks we are done since we have our boy and girl.  He came from a family of 2, but I came from a family of 3 so its hard!  I know kids are expensive and I know we would love to have an empty nest when we are young still.  :)  We hope that our kids will get married and have children when we are younger too!  :) 

I also do not want another c-section!  I had a normal vaginal birth with my daughter but with my son it was c-section.  IT WAS THE WORST EVER!!  Even with those memories I still think about the love from everyone during that time, food brought over, friends taking my older daughter, and cute baby gifts from everyone!  God sure took care of me and my family when it took me weeks to recover from that surgery! 

So women, when do you truly know when to be done having kids?  I just wish God would speak directly to me and tell me.  :) 


Unknown said…
I thought we were done, but now I'm not so sure. You have to pray about it and see what God says. You'll know... A good friend of mine told me that "God will never give you anything you can't handle." He knows you better than anyone, right? I you feel you are done, then you're done. But just be open to changes. :) I never dreamed I would want more than my 2 I have now... I come from a family of 6 so I know what my mother has gone through. Just pray about it you never know
Maegan Morin said…
I have had two really bad pregnancy/post partum experiences so after I saw that I had a boy and a girl I decided right there that I was done.

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