10dollarmall.com Review

Are you a big online shopper?  I find really great deals online so I make several purchases a year online!  I love the ease and comfort from ordering at home.

Thank you 10dollarmall.com for giving me a shopping credit to review your site and items.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.

Overall www.10dollarmall.com  has something for every body, women, men's, girls, boys, shoes, hair accessories  jewelry, and much much more.  

I had a lot of fun on the website finding great deals on their clearance section.  Adding things to my cart was simple.  Everything at the 10 Dollar Mall is of course under $10 in price!  

I finished my order and immediately I got a confirmation email.  After a day went by I got a couple more emails.  One email giving me the shipping information while the other email was telling me they were out of stock on an item and I was refunded my money.  When my package arrived they included a letter of apology because the item was out of stock and left a couple rings for free because of the inconvenience.  

After I unpacked every thing I did find that they did not send the correct hair clips.  I had ordered a three pack of star clips and they sent bow type clips.  I did email the company and they replied that it sometimes happens with all the orders going through each day.  So I gave them some grace and forgiveness since my daughter loved them!  

So what did I buy?  I love my new blue purse and my daughter is excited for spring weather to arrive so she can wear her light spring jacket.  I got some cute socks for the kids, a shirt for my man, a shirt for me, a dress for my daughter, and with the back order I went back on and ordered some nail polish for my daughter.  

Another positive note is while checking out the site will give you shipping options so you can find the cheapest shipping price!  I LOVE THAT FEATURE! 

So how is the quality of the merchandise.  I thought for the most part everything was good.  Sadly I do have to report that my daughter's dress has ripped right on the seam.  It is very easy to fix so no big deal but makes me wonder more about quality since all the prices are very very affordable.  I do not want to be too negative because even at high end fashion stores a seam can rip too.  I know I am satisfied with the products I received and I look forward to online shopping spree's when needed.  :) 


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