Big Feet Pajama's for the Hubby

Big Feet Pajama Company sent me this great pair of footie pajama's to conduct my review!  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are mine. Thank you Big Feet Pajama Company for allowing me to review this product. 

For all my fans get ready to save 15% on your order using coupon code: BEAR13

My husband was actually asking for new pajamas and he thought it would be neat to own some footie pajama's.  

He has two different pajama's from  The flannel material is lighter then the other pair which is a thicker fleece material.  He has worn both and enjoyed sleeping in them and staying warm.  

On nights he wears the Fleece pair he rarely has a need for a blanket.  They keep him toasty warm which I think helps him sleep better.  

The only down fall was his feet were not as big as the pajamas foot section but it really was not a big deal.  

The fleece pair also had a velcor butt section so going to the bathroom was easy!  :) 

On the website they have several types of footie pajama's and sizes for kids to adults!  

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