Guest Post- Food for Thought for Active Mothers- Food and Vitamins that Help with Tendonitis

Food for Thought for Active Mothers – Food and Vitamins
that Help with Tendonitis

You may currently be suffering from tendonitis if you have a painful feeling that won’t
go away either in your shoulders, elbows, wrists, heels, or even behind your knee.
If you’re wondering what exactly a tendon is, it is a fibrous cord that connects your
muscles to your bones. Tendonitis can be fairly common if you are a fit mother who
likes to stay active on a regular basis and you happen to use the same muscle over
and over again during a favorite sport or exercise. Once you have tendonitis it is not
fun to deal with, especially if you are keen on running, exercising, or trying a new
class at the gym. However, there are ways to counteract tendonitis with vitamins
such as glucosamine, eating the right foods, and icing your injury so that it heals
properly. You don’t want to start your spring in pain when all you want to do is stay fit
and fierce!

How Glucosamine Helps with Tendonitis –

Even though there are many more studies that must be done on glucosamine in
regards to helping your tendons heal, in 2010 there was a research program that set
out to determine the effects of glucosamine on the tendons in rabbits. The results
were the rabbits that took this supplement healed stronger and faster than those
who were not given glucosamine. Glucosamine from Seven Seas will most definitely
strengthen your joints, which is also related to tendonitis. It certainly won’t hurt you to
try to heal your tendonitis with glucosamine and other methods; however it’s always
a good idea to consult with your doctor before trying something new. Hopefully in
time more evidence will be conclusive and will prove that glucosamine will help with
joint pain as well as tendonitis!

Foods that Help Ease Symptoms of Tendonitis –

Other ways you can help your tendonitis heal is by eating the right kind of foods.
Foods with whole grains, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin C are just three different
vitamins in food that are needed to help with your overall health as well as take away
the discomfort of tendonitis. Find omega-3 fatty acids in fish, walnuts, flaxseed, and
more. Vitamin C is not produced by the body naturally so it’s especially important
to eat these foods: oranges, kale, tomatoes, broccoli, etc. Vitamin C will also help
reduce inflammation and help your body heal from injury. Whole grains help your
body resist infection as well as work as a healing agent.

Keep these tips in mind and see a doctor if your pain persists – it’s important not to
injure a hurting muscle that’s already injured!

Sierra is a freelance writer who happens to have tendonitis after running too many
half marathons. She’s trying different methods to counteract the pain. Catch up with
her on her Ocean Dreams blog.

Thanks Sierra for this great article!  One of my gym buddies has been having a lot of knee pain so I am thrilled to share these tips with her.  :) 


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