Guest Post: A Touch of Spring- Creating a Sunroom to Relax in

Does your home have a sunroom? Sunrooms are beautiful spaces that do a
wonderful job at merging the indoors with the outdoors. They create a nice room
that’s versatile and comfy, allowing you to easily entertain friends and relax in
an accommodating interior. If you don’t have a sunroom you can always hire
a professional to create a home addition when time and money allows. What’s
more, if a neighbor friend has a sunroom or you plan on having one soon it’s
never time like the present to think of the many ways to embrace this charming
space and enjoy it during the spring time and beyond.

A Dining Room that Merges with Your Porch –

If you desire to have a semi-outdoor dining area all that you need to do is move
your dining room furniture on your covered porch. A covered porch is perfect
because it gives you a glimpse of the great outdoors but also keeps you inside.
Many times a dining room that’s a part of a porch is right near the kitchen,
making eating with your family members a cinch. Use this dining room area
during the spring to dine with loved ones but watch out for unexpected rain
showers depending on the patio’s coverage.

A Beachy – Chic Sunroom –

Often time furniture that’s white and that comes in other neutral tones goes
beautifully in a sunroom because the sun shines on the furniture. Use a beach
inspired sunroom as an escape and decorate it however you’d like. SofaSofa's
extensive range of UK-made footstools would go beautifully in your space and
would also create the perfect amount of comfort after a hard day at work. Put
your feet up and enjoy a nice read on a sunny afternoon. To create more of a
comfy and airy space, add in bookshelves, beach décor, and a few plants that
will make you feel like you’re in a secret garden.

Eclectic Sunroom –

If eclectic décor is more your forte then perhaps you should create a sunroom
that has a variety of fabulous furnishings. The ethnic décor and funky patterns on
the furniture will remind you of traveling all around the world. Use colorful accents
and bright colors and this sunroom will be perfect for entertaining. To keep it cool
incorporate ceiling fans and shades that will provide shade during the warmer

Sierra is a freelance writer who would love to have a sunroom in her home one

Praises of a Wife and Mommy did not write this article but agree's with Sierra, a sunroom would be fantastic, especially during spring time!  I do feel blessed to have big windows in my living room which will have to do since we do not have plans to turn our porch into a sun room... not yet anyways.