Happy 2nd Birthday Little Man

What a fun celebration we had this weekend to celebrate my little 2 year old!  It's sad to admit my baby is truly a big boy now!  We are on our way to potty training, more talking, and more fun!  


This year we had a ball themed party.  It fit perfect for my little pitcher, he loves throwing balls!  

As you can see we had a ball pit cake and cupcakes, and little ball pit bars to hand the kids as they were leaving to say "thanks for coming"  and "Hope you had a ball."  

I will admit the cake was kinda messy.  It was stuck in the pan and I had a terrible time trying to frost it.  :(  I made it look as best as I could.  

I used gumballs in the cake and the cupcakes had either gumballs or Trix cereal.  I also used the Trix cereal to created Marshmallow treats that looked like a ball pit.  They were yummy!  :) 

The games were my favorite part!  We had a lot of ball pit balls and my boss graciously let me borrow her parachute.  We played so many games with the parachute, it was awesome!!!  Who remembers being a kid and going to gym and seeing the parachute was out, best gym day ever!!!  At the beginning we scared my son a little bit with it but he warmed up to it and had a good time.  He loved putting the balls on it and shaking really hard to watch all the balls fly everywhere! 

After all the fun games it was cake time!  As you can see in the picture my son is by far a ladies man... he had mostly girls at his party.  I have come to the conclusion that having a birthday party on the weekend of spring break is not a good idea... too many families are out traveling.  I am thankful for all these fun girls that do love my little guy! 

After the yummy cake came present opening!  It is more fun this year watching him open his presents.  He showed zero interest in the cute little Mexico outfit and absolutely loved the trains and tractor he got...sounds about right for a 2 year old.  I am so thankful to all who came and all the gifts that were given.  

The hubby and I finally bought a thing to put all these ball pit balls!!  It was fun watching my husband blow it up as soon as we got it home!   WHAT A GREAT DADDY!

They were so happy to play and roll around in the balls!  

This birthday was extra special because we were able to have some family come who we have not seen in years!  WHAT A BLESSING- WE sure are thanking God for family!! 

Dear Titus,

Your family adores you!! HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY  I just want to start by saying that you started your 2nd birthday out the right way, telling mommy you had to go potty and doing it on your potty!  YAY!!  Good job!  

I sit and reflect on your first two years of your life and my heart is overflowing with the joy you have brought our family.  

I love your personality that you have, already have a great sense of humor, and I love your boy-ness, after having a girl and watching the difference in you and my daughter really makes me appreciate and love each of you in your own unique ways. 

At the new age of two you love, balls- throwing, kicking, bouncing, collecting,  you love cars and trains and I love to hear you making all the car noises, and you also love to copy your sister and stay in her business and thankfully for you your sister is very patient and loving towards you.  

I continue to pray for you and your future.  I know God is developing such an amazing character in you and how thrilled your daddy and I are to be a part of that process. 





Pinkoddy said…
I love the ball theme. Hope he had a great 2nd birthday.

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