Happy Birthday to ME!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!  Thanks Vitalicous for sending me your Birthday Sampler!  I was surprised and so excited when I got home and saw this box on the porch.  The shipping was so super quick, I really did not believe it would arrive on my birthday but it did!!!  What a great Birthday present for me!  

Vitalicous sure made this birthday girl feel special with birthday ribbon, candles, card, and of course the yummy taste in every bite!  The fun with the sampler is being able to choose 5 flavors for the Vita Tops and then another flavor of another product, muffins or brownies.  :)   

I was so excited that I did not even know what flavor to eat first!  Banana Nut won!  YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!  

I have reviewed Vitalicous in the past and firmly suggest you try them out!  Go read my past review on Vitalicous and read why I love them so much.   They often have special deals on their site but Vitalicous can be found at many local grocery stores.  I have found the Chocolate Vita Tops at my local Pick n Save in the Natural Food freezer section.  I also have seen them at Wal-Mart but not all the time.  There are so many flavor choices on the website so I strongly urge you to check out their site:  http://www.vitalicious.com and put in an order today!    Or surprise someone with a birthday sampler.  

Time for my afternoon snack, Vita Brownie with only 100 calories and some gooey yummy chocolate!