Ice Skating Date

Mommy n Daughter dates are fun!  :)  When was the last time you and your daughter had a date together?  I encourage you to make some time for this as it really is important for your mommy/daughter relationship.  

Last week I took my daughter ice skating for the very first time.  I was a little nervous to put her on the ice but I left very proud of her.  Some might develop an undesirable attitude fall after fall but my daughter always got back up and never quit.  She may have left with a sore butt but I think she realized that failing or falling may happen but getting up and trying again is better then staying defeated.  :) 

She may not be the best skater yet but she has developed a new hobby and is asking to go again soon! 

I'm okay MOM! 



You know next winter we will be watching a lot of ice skating when the Olympics are on so I am thinking we might be buying a pair of ice skates!  :)  

So where can you take your daughter next?  What valuable life lesson can you teach her while you are on that date?  


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